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Services that enable your loved one to live with dignity towards the end of their life

We understand how important spending time with your loved one with a life-limiting condition is. This is why we’ve designed our hospice care services such that it can accommodate the time they have left with you.

In line with this, we have taken on the task of taking care of the medical part of their needs. This means providing quality hospice care solutions that focus on pain and symptom relief wherever their hearts choose to stay—in the hospital and other similar institutionalized settings or their own homes—as well as offering emotional support to them and their families.

Here are the different services we offer through our team of care professionals:

Our hospice care services are provided by our coordinated team of various disciplines. They include:

You can trust us to help your loved one and your family come into terms with their life-limiting condition and the lifestyle changes involved in it. Available and providing emotional support and personalized care 24/7, it doesn’t matter wherever they choose to stay while receiving hospice care, we can accommodate them be it at home, in a hospital setting, or wherever they are most familiar.

We’d be glad to accommodate all the questions you may have about our hospice care services. Feel free to send them to us here.